About Rune Knight Media

Rune \ˈrün\: (n.)

Something written or inscribed in ancient scripts

Knight \ˈnīt\: (n.)

A mounted person-at-arms serving a feudal superior

Rune Knights

Knights who enhance their ability by using armor or weapons inscribed with ancient runes.

Founded by the Knight family, Rune Knight Media is a small team of marketers with over 20 years of experience in the digital space. Based in Canada, we've developed strong relationships with top level partners in the digital marketing and technology sectors. Our focus is on growth strategies for Software as a Service. We have experience working with B2B SaaS Fortune 500s and startups, retail e-commerce, major F&B companies, television networks, and the video game industry. Through our expertise and trusted relationships, we can quickly enable your business to grow through tailored solutions.
Rune Knight Media's Coat of Arms

“ Duty is heavy as a mountain, death is light as a feather. ”

– Lan Mandragoran, Wheel of Time: The Great Hunt

“ You want to live in this world as it is?
No? Then do something about it! ”

– Celes Chere, Final Fantasy VI

“ The best thing for being sad... is to learn something. ”

– Merlin, The Once and Future King

Behind the name Rune Knight Media is a bit of our own lore. Our favourite fantasy stories and video games featured knights and magic. Our favourite video game starred a Rune Knight who betrayed her empire in order to restore peace and justice to a world of ruin. Our name is an homage to the brave knight, who spent most of her journey unfettered by the judgement of others.