The journey of Rune Knight Media's brand identity


Rune Knight Media previously existed without a visual identity. To capture our essence digitally and physically, we engaged creative agency Pixel Dreams. We had an idea of what we wanted, but not exactly what that may look like. To create clear concepts, the creative team at Pixel Dreams turned the brief around and made it about who we were, pulling inspiration from that which represents us.

Our decided aesthetic was elegant, antique, fantastical and with a hint of being something hand-crafted. Keywords included references to our bespoke and detail-oriented way of working, chivalry, and arming businesses for battle.

Primary Logo: Vision
Beaches of Eleuthera: Eleuthera means Freedom
Stamp Logo: Her*oic
Heraldry: Coat of Arms

One of the most meaningful directions which Pixel Dreams steered our visual representation towards was in representing femininity. How does one feature a knight in armor, yet keep it feminine? The obsession with seeking the answer to this question lead their team into creating two concepts: Her•oic and Vision. The former – inspired by the curves of stained glass – will be used for stamping purposes while the latter – a knight facing forward with the outline of a woman's face – became our primary logo.

“ We decided that the knight on the logo wasn't maybe going to be a woman. She was a definitely going to be a woman. ”

Although this website takes on the look of oxidized paper, the colour families for our brand were pulled from photos of Eleuthera, our favourite vacation spot in the Bahamas. Named after the Greek ἐλευθερία meaning "Freedom", Eleuthera is a long thin island whose eastern side faces the cold, blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, while its western side faces the warm, turquoise waters of the Great Bahama Bank. The two sides meet at the Glass Window bridge, where they're merely separated by a strip of rock.

The final piece of our visual identity was the creation of a custom coat of arms. The shield was formed depicting our heritages by referencing the countries where we were born. The enchanted crown (loyalty), heart (love), and hands (friendship) is emblematic of Claddagh rings – symbolizing Irish heritage and our traditional wedding rings. Two broadswords are mounted behind the shield with initials inscribed on them, while a bouquet of peonies – a favourite flower symbolizing love, luck and honor – wraps around the shield. Last but not least, the fantastical inclusion of a moon and stars is a celestial reference to the character that inspired our company name: Celes Chere.